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A very unique promotional opportunity knocks at your door.  Check out the Creative Artists Kettle blog and the CAK networking site at

I invite all artists (writers, musicians, actors, film makers, visual and performing artists, etc.) to become guests here on the Creative Artists Kettle blog.  I am particularly interested in anything and everything that is related to the world of art such as reviews on books, poetry, art, concerts, dance, music, fine art, etc.  The spectrum is wide open.  Here is your opportunity to get exposed where other channels may present “road blocks.”

Ever tried getting a concert or event reviewed by your local newspaper only to be told that there were more important events on the reporter’s plate?  Or, your event or organization was often considered as one of the low priority subjects not considered as “news worthy.”  Every artist deserves to be recognized for the work they have done and for what they are doing.  Art benefits the community in more ways than one.  It is the hope through Creative Artists Kettle, that we can bridge together the literal, visual, and audio artistic worlds together, to unite and support each other’s efforts in bringing light to the world through our personal artistic contributions – as individuals, and as groups.

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If you are an author or a writer and would like to become a reviewer, please contact me and let me know your availability and the genres/events/locations you are willing to review.


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Payments accepted via PayPal.

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